Stir Up!


Stir Up! is a website from the Diocese of Ely Schools Team and is the place to come for details of the different events we organise over the year.  Click the images below as appropriate.  See also the Schools pages of the Diocese of Ely website and the ChurchschoolsEast website for more information about our work, and support materials for yours.  For regular updates, check out the Ely Schools Bulletin. Contact us here.




Nine RE Christianity Units (SDUs) for Primary Schools


2016 Schools Cathedral Days

October 4th, 5th, 11th, 12th



Materials for making BIG Christmas Cribsl

Bishop Stephen's Lent Challenge 2016

Resources for those in their final days, arranging funerals and bereavement & grief support

How to book the Church Schools' Quilt for your event

Governor Training


RE Swap Shop

The materials on the Swap Shop webpage have been created for use in Cambridgeshire schools.  Our thanks to the individual schools named for offering to share them.